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Electromagnetic clutch brake assembly is being assembled in batches

Release time: August 20, 2016

The electromagnetic clutch brake group is called an electromagnetic clutch brake assembly, which is mainly an integrated group consisting of a TJ-A electromagnetic clutch and a TJ-B2 electromagnetic brake. It is roughly divided into exposed, built-in, dual electromagnetic clutch groups, dual / single flange electromagnetic clutch brake groups and other series. The internal and external devices of each of the above electromagnetic clutch brake groups are slightly different, but they all have common characteristics: a wide range of applications, simple structure, high frequency operation, and safe use. Taiwan Tianji Electromagnetic Clutch Brake Unit is one of the most common equipment in the mechanical fields such as packaging machinery, moon cake machinery, bread machinery, wire and cable equipment, textile machinery, food machinery, electronic equipment, ultrasonic machinery and so on.
The dual electromagnetic clutch brake assembly (with a pulley) is an integrated body composed of two TJ-A electromagnetic clutches and one TJ-B electromagnetic brake. Two electromagnetic clutch devices are at the left and right ends, and the electromagnetic brake device is inside the housing, and the three are integrated into one. The clutch rotor is fixed on the output shaft by the electromagnetic brake, so the clutch bearing cam on both sides is dismounted on the output shaft. When the current on the right side of the electromagnetic clutch passes, the clutch bearing cam drives the output shaft. When the power is not supplied, the bearing cam and the output shaft are separated. When the brake is energized, the output shaft stops. When the left electromagnetic clutch is energized, the left bearing cam drives the output shaft, and when the current is cut off, the left electromagnetic clutch cam is in a cut-off state from the output shaft. According to the above working principle, it can be seen that this type of dual electromagnetic clutch brake group is suitable for the transmission combination of two-stage variable-speed positioning stop, high-frequency forward and reverse rotation, and precise positioning of power distribution. Double electromagnetic clutch brake assembly is widely used in wire and cable machinery and equipment industries.

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