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Machining center production workshop

Release time: August 20, 2016

Baoji VMC850 Vertical Machining Center

The XY axis of the machine tool uses linear guides, and the Z axis uses rectangular hardened sliding guides. It has the characteristics of high precision, high rigidity, high speed, high efficiency, high reliability, and large torque. It has a wide range of processing applications.

This series of machine tools are suitable for milling, drilling, expanding, boring, tapping, tapping, etc. of valves, cams, molds, plates and disks and box parts in the automotive, motorcycle, machinery manufacturing, sewing machine, motor, instrument and other industries. The processing procedure is especially suitable for processing various complex 2D and 3D concave-convex models and complex cavities and surfaces. It can be used for small and medium-sized batches of multi-variety processing and production, and can also enter the automatic line for batch production.

Using this series of machine tools can save process equipment, shorten the production preparation cycle, ensure the quality of parts processing, and improve production efficiency.

Milling is a method of removing material by cutting metal with a high-speed rotating tool. The vertical machining center is a machine tool that realizes milling processing through the structure of vertically arranged spindles. Because the spindle is arranged vertically, the tool moves up and down along the direction of the spindle and moves along the top of the workpiece in the horizontal direction.

Dalian VDF Series Vertical Machining Center

VDF series vertical machining center is a horizontal machining center developed and produced by Dalian Machine Tool (DMTG) with domestic leading level and international advanced level. This machine tool is widely used for box parts and housing parts in automobile, mold, machinery manufacturing and other industries. , Disc parts, special-shaped parts processing, the parts can be automatically clamped on one side of the four faces of the milling, boring, drilling, expanding, reaming, tapping multi-process processing.

Products related to machining center workshops

Electromagnetic clutch brake assembly is being assembled in batches
The electromagnetic clutch brake assembly can be a clutch brake group, an exposed electromagnetic clutch brake group, a built-in electromagnetic clutch brake group, a double flange electromagnetic clutch brake group, a single flange electromagnetic clutch brake group, and a sleeve electromagnetic clutch brake group. 、 Double electromagnetic clutch brake unit (with pulley), dual electromagnetic clutch single brake combination (with pulley)
A corner of the factory lathe workshop
MTK20 is a multi-tool turret CNC turning and milling center controlled by a high-end CNC system. The machine tool uses a dual-spindle and dual-tool-stand arrangement, enabling simultaneous cutting of the dual-spindle and double-tool rest. Function, can complete the powerful milling of the workpiece.
Roughing lathe production workshop
The roughing lathe production workshop has 6 SK50P economic CNC lathes, 8 Dalian CK6140 CNC horizontal lathes, and 2 Kaida economic CNC lathes.
Technical production and processing workshop
CK7660LC is a full-function CNC lathe specially developed for the turning of aluminum alloy wheels in the automotive and motorcycle industries. The machine tool adopts high-strength integral cast iron inclined bed and sliding plastic guide.
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