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Roughing lathe production workshop

Release time: August 20, 2016

7.5kW 伺服电机驱动的数控车床,采用液压三档自动变速(档内无级),可配四工位刀架(标准配置)或六工位刀架,以满足不同形状零件的加工要求。 Baoji SK50P series is a CNC lathe driven by a 7.5kW servo motor. It adopts hydraulic three-speed automatic transmission (stepless in the gear). It can be equipped with a four-position tool post (standard configuration) or a six-position tool post to meet different shape parts. Processing requirements. The protection of the machine is beautiful and generous, and the push-pull protective door is easy to operate and easy to protect the safety of the operator.

This machine has the characteristics of smooth starting, rapid braking and high output torque. It can be used for turning machining of shaft and disk sleeve parts. It can automatically complete the processing of internal and external cylindrical surfaces, arbitrary conical surfaces, arc surfaces, end faces, and metric and inch threads. It is suitable for processing multiple varieties and small and medium batch products. It can show its superiority for the processing of complex shapes and high-precision parts. Sex.

Dalian CK series CNC lathes are divided into CKA series, CKD series, CKA-M large series, CKA-H large series according to the configuration and load bearing indicators. The flat bed CNC lathe can automatically complete the internal and external cylindrical surface, conical surface, arc surface, end surface, grooving, chamfering and other processes for various shaft and disk parts, and can turn metric straight threads, end threads and Various turning operations such as inch straight and tapered threads. It is suitable for the production of multi-variety, small and medium batch products, and it can show superiority especially for complex and high-precision parts.

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A corner of the factory lathe workshop
MTK20 is a multi-tool turret CNC turning and milling center controlled by a high-end CNC system. The machine tool uses a dual-spindle and dual-tool-stand arrangement, enabling simultaneous cutting of the dual-spindle and double-tool rest. Function, can complete the powerful milling of the workpiece.
Finishing lathe processing workshop
The finishing CNC lathe workshop has 2 Mazak turning centers, 3 Shenyang i5 intelligent horizontal CNC lathes, 2 Shenyang HTC2050 horizontal CNC lathes, and 1 cloud machine CK-K32 multifunctional CNC lathe
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The electromagnetic clutch brake assembly can be a clutch brake group, an exposed electromagnetic clutch brake group, a built-in electromagnetic clutch brake group, a double flange electromagnetic clutch brake group, a single flange electromagnetic clutch brake group, and a sleeve electromagnetic clutch brake group. 、 Double electromagnetic clutch brake unit (with pulley), dual electromagnetic clutch single brake combination (with pulley)
Workshop mechanics intently processing
CH7516GS is a high-efficiency machining structure optimization technology, thermal deformation and compensation technology, high-speed turning processing dynamic and static detection technology, spindle unit technology, high-speed turning processing technology.
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