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Finishing lathe processing workshop

Release time: August 20, 2016

Mazak turning center is used for turning parts. It uses workpiece rotation and the tool moves in a linear manner. Lathes are usually used to reduce the external diameter of a workpiece. It is typical to machine a workpiece to a specific size and obtain a smooth machined surface. A lathe with a CNC device is called a turning center. Complex turning centers can also perform a variety of milling and drilling operations.

Shenyang Machine Tool i5 is the world's first generation of intelligent CNC lathes after the deep integration of intelligent systems and new T platform products. The i5 intelligent system uses a touch screen method to truly facilitate customers from the perspective of intelligent operation, intelligent programming, intelligent processing, and intelligent management. The T platform product is a pure world-quality machine tool developed with the leading lathe concept. The machine tool uses the platform product design concept, the number of parts is reduced by 40%, the product stability is significantly improved, the subsequent maintenance is simple and convenient, and the overall performance and accuracy of the machine tool are greatly improved. , Get a larger processing space with a smaller shape, saving every minute of resources.


Products related to finishing lathes

Machining center production workshop
The CNC milling workshop has one imported Mazak vertical machining center, six Baoji VMC850 vertical machining centers, and two VDF series vertical machining centers.
Workshop mechanics intently processing
CH7516GS is a high-efficiency machining structure optimization technology, thermal deformation and compensation technology, high-speed turning processing dynamic and static detection technology, spindle unit technology, high-speed turning processing technology.
Technical production and processing workshop
CK7660LC is a full-function CNC lathe specially developed for the turning of aluminum alloy wheels in the automotive and motorcycle industries. The machine tool adopts high-strength integral cast iron inclined bed and sliding plastic guide.
A corner of the factory lathe workshop
MTK20 is a multi-tool turret CNC turning and milling center controlled by a high-end CNC system. The machine tool uses a dual-spindle and dual-tool-stand arrangement, enabling simultaneous cutting of the dual-spindle and double-tool rest. Function, can complete the powerful milling of the workpiece.
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