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Release time: August 20, 2016

The high-frequency large current of the embossing machine flows to the heating coil (usually made of copper tube) that is wound into a ring or other leather embossed sample shape, usually produced by a copper tube. A strong magnetic beam passes through the mold to the surface of the leather. In the opposite direction of the leather and the heating current, a corresponding large eddy current will be generated.
Machine description uses high-sensitivity spark arrester: When sparks are generated, the special electronic circuit can automatically cut off high-frequency waves to suppress sparks, prevent damage to molds and materials, and display warning lights; overload safety protection device: can avoid the frequency caused by improper operation Drift; using imported oscillation tube, main electrical components, high-quality imported parts for assembly; special mechanical structure: each model is specially designed and assembled, its strength is sufficient to cope with any situation, the base is not shaken, and the special part is lightweight And precise; anti-electromagnetic interference device: equipped with a frequency stabilizer and high frequency magnetic leakage suppressor, which can avoid the leakage of radio waves and avoid interference with other electronic devices; easy to adjust the synchronizer: the output power can be adjusted by the copper regulator according to the size of the electrode and Material thickness adjustment greatly reduces unnecessary welding time and improves machine throughput.
1. The machine must be equipped with a good ground terminal (connect the correct ground wire)
2. The machine is extremely sensitive to humidity and dust and needs to be placed in a suitable working space.
3. The vacuum tube of the machine will generate high heat, so it should not be placed near the machine that generates high heat, or installed in a place directly exposed to solar energy. The above-mentioned reasons will affect the heat dissipation function of the vacuum tube.
4. If the machine is stopped for more than an hour, when it is turned on again, wait for 10-15 minutes to preheat the vacuum tube and protect the service life of the vacuum tube.
5. The upper and lower extremes (upper and lower molds) of the machine cannot be directly touched together, and there must be insulation and work pieces between them.
6. When operating, when high frequency output, please remember not to touch the upper pole output terminal (ie the upper mold), nor can you use a multimeter, test meter or other low frequency and low voltage instruments to try to directly measure the upper pole output terminal. Cause an accident
7. Regularly check the insulation at the lower extreme (lower mold). If there is damage, burnout or breakdown, you need to replace the insulation immediately. Otherwise, if you continue to work, sparks will occur and the process cannot be completed.
8. If the spark phenomenon often occurs (when the upper and lower molds are in contact with each other at high cycle output) without inspection and maintenance, it will cause damage to the machine parts and affect the work.
9. The working objects used for finished products should be free of moisture and dust, as the above objects will easily cause sparks.
10. After turning on the power of the machine, you will hear the sound of the fan rotating (4KW, 5KW is relatively small). This is for the heat dissipation of the vacuum tube. If the fan fails, it must be repaired immediately, otherwise the vacuum tube will be damaged.

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