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Die cutting machinery industry

Release time: August 20, 2016

1.Circular die-cutting machine
ASAHI CartonMaster
ASAHI CartonMaster
One cylinder is equivalent to an imprint cylinder, and pressure is applied during die cutting; the other is a cylinder knife die. There are two types of roller die: wood and metal. The former mainly cuts thick corrugated cardboard, and the latter has metal roller die processed by chemical etching or electronic engraving. It is mainly used for die-cutting of self-adhesive labels and trademarks. There is also a metal roller die mainly used for middle and high-end long-line products, which adopts pressure-cutting or shearing forms.
2. Round flat die cutting machine The round flat die cutting machine has few applications in the market. There are no professional manufacturers in China, so I won't go into details here.
3. Flat die cutting machine Flat die cutting machine is currently the most widely used and most common type, and it is also the model with the most domestic and foreign manufacturers. Domestic manufacturers include Shanghai Yahua, Tangshan Yuyin, Xinchuan Machinery, Beiren Group, Henan Xinji Group, Beijing Shengli Weiye Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., etc .; foreign countries include BOBST in Switzerland, IMG in Germany, ASAHI in Japan, and American Standard Paper. Box Machinery Company, Spain IBERICA, Korea YoungShin Machinery Co., Ltd., Japan IIJIMA and other manufacturers. Flat die cutting machine can be used for various types of die cutting, both manual and semi-automatic die cutting, and full-automatic high-speed linked die cutting; both die cutting corrugated cardboard, cardboard, self-adhesive, and Die-cut rubber, sponge, sheet metal, etc.
The vertical flat die-cutting machine, commonly known as the tiger's mouth, is named for its mouth-like occlusal action when it works, and its unsafe and easy to hurt people. In any case, it vividly illustrates the working characteristics of the vertical flat die cutting machine. The vertical flat die cutting machine is mainly divided into two parts, the fuselage and the press frame. The die cutting plate is installed on the fuselage. There are two types of action: single-pendulum and double-pendulum. The so-called single pendulum type refers to that the die holder swings during die cutting, and the body does not move (that is, the platen does not move). The platen comes into contact with the lower part of the holder first and the upper part comes into contact. When the die cutting ends, the upper part leaves first and the lower part leaves. In this way, the force time is different and the force is uneven, so it is used less and less, and it is gradually eliminated. The double pendulum type refers to the action of the fuselage and the holder during die cutting. Before contact, the platen and platen of the holder are parallel, and the contact between them is parallel, so the pressure is large and uniform. Most of the vertical flat die cutting machines produced belong to this type. Vertical flat die cutting machine can be divided into two types of semi-automatic and fully automatic according to the degree of automation. At present, the vertical flat die cutting machine (Tiger mouth) produced in China is mainly semi-automatic. The die cutting is done by the machine, and the paper feeding and receiving are done manually. Because production quality and production efficiency are related to the proficiency of the operator and are prone to safety accidents, developed countries such as the United States have explicitly banned the use of such equipment.
Scope of editing
1. Adhesive products: For various electronics: special rubber pads for electrical appliances, silicone stickers, magic stickers, conductive adhesives, strong double-sided adhesives, 3M, Sony special adhesive stickers, backlight screens and other electronics, IT industry membrane switches, automobile manufacturing Adhesive products used in the industry.

2. Dust-proof materials: cotton pads, camera cotton, high-density sponges, filter cottons, dust nets, non-woven fabrics
3. Anti-shock products: Pull back rubber pad, rubber, transparent foot pad, PORON pad, 3M, flame retardant EVA, high foam.
4. Insulation materials: fireproof paper, aluminum foil, copper foil, PVC, PET, kraft paper, sponge sheath, pearl sheath.
5.EMI shielding materials: copper foil, aluminum foil, conductive cloth, wave absorbing material
6, heat-resistant insulation materials: silicon film, transparent mica film, fiber cloth, thermal insulation cotton (cloth).
7, paper packaging materials: corrugated paper, packaging paper and cardboard

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