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Electromagnetic clutch, electromechanical actuator and turbine (2)

Release time: October 01, 2016

Technical fields of electromagnetic clutches, electromechanical actuators and turbines:

This product relates to an electromagnetic clutch for an electromechanical actuator. The invention further relates to an electromechanical actuator for a valve, the valve comprising a valve piston and a motor. The product also relates to a turbine, in particular to a steam turbine with a valve, the valve is used to regulate the flow of fluid, and a valve piston is connected to the electromechanical actuator.

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Turbines, especially steam turbines, are often provided with many valves, which can be used as primary steam valves, shut-off valves or diverter valves. The opening position of each valve can achieve the purpose of adjusting the corresponding amount of feed or steam. The opening position of the valve is usually adjusted by means of a transmission element, especially a part in the valve actuator. The transmission element is configured to the corresponding valve. In terms of regulating force or regulating speed, the requirements for the valve specification should be particularly high. To ensure the safe operation or closing of the valve, especially when the steam turbine is in emergency shutdown, the valve can be The hydraulic drive servo valve configuration is adopted, so that each actuator configured there is provided with a hydraulic device without exception. The hydraulic device either includes a central hydraulic supply system or a European The distributed hydraulic supply system described above. Because the motor has been improved in stability and momentum, it can be used to adjust the injection pressure of the medium. It can also be used in plants such as atomic energy plants and chemical plants. For example, the servo valve described in German products There is a push rod on which a valve seat is fixed. The push rod is connected to the servo motor through a cross bar that can rotate around the central fulcrum. In this way, the amount of medium injected can be adjusted through the valve, and the push rod is clamped by a return spring.

A servo valve and a shut-off valve are described. The servo valve is provided with an axially movable locking body and a piston that can be stretched in the axial direction. The piston is configured as a straight rack structure, and the straight rack is in contact with the longitudinal transmission of another push rod. Rotating the push rod around its axis can move the lock body in the axial direction, and the rotation of the push rod is completed by the motor with the help of another set of gears at the end of the push rod.

A valve for a steam turbine is described, the valve having a valve shaft, and a sealing seat is provided next to the valve shaft. The valve shaft is driven by a motor, and the motor is connected to the valve shaft through an electromagnetically driven coupling. In order to realize automatic servo closing of the valve, a leaf spring system is set in the valve. An actuator for a turbine valve. The opening position of the valve can be adjusted through a connecting rod, thereby ensuring interference-free operation of the valve and extremely low fire risk. The actuator includes a motor for driving a connecting rod, and the connecting rod is connected to the motor through a rack and pinion system and an electromagnetic toothed coupling.

An electromechanical actuator is described for valves, especially for steam turbine valves. The actuator is provided with a connecting rod and a motor driving the connecting rod. The connecting rod is connected to the motor through a transmission device. The transmission device generates a torque. The torque can vary with the axial displacement of the continuous rod. The connecting rod is connected to a crank disc, so that the handle disc itself is connected by a toothed coupling. The shaft joint is connected to the motor.

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